Some of the external links on this website are referral links. If you click on a referral link and make a subsequent purchase, generally either I, or you, or both of us, will receive some sort of credit, discount, or payout from that service provider.

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Please note that by clicking on the referral link, you're enabling the service provider to track you. If you're not comfortable with this, but still want to visit their website, please feel free to DuckDuckGo the name of the company.

To DuckDuckGo is like Googling, but for the privacy-conscious person. They don't read your emails or track your every movement—either online, or on the street.

I only include referral links for products that I use and pay for myself. It's not the other way around (I.E. I don't use a service just to get access to their referral program). For some of these companies, I've been a paying customer for many years.

I hope you find these products and services as useful as I have.